Beginner's Guide to Fat Loss

New Year’s Resolution for 2019-lose weight, gain muscle, workout regularly, and eat healthier. Majority of the people will fizzle out in the first month and others in the first quarter. Why is that? So many different reasons but mainly high expectations at early stages or people go too hard at the beginning and lose motivation.

Fat loss is similar to running a marathon and not a 100-meter sprint, what that means is you cannot expect yourself to wake up and start running a full marathon. You first focus on your first-kilometer run and then the second and so on and along the way you try and eliminate any bad habits that you can(mainly bad eating habits).

Here is what you can do to stay on your goals and make constant progress along the way:

1.Focus on the intensity of your cardio work out

You don't necessarily have to do cardio for long hours; short intense cardio workouts will give you better results. Do cardio for burning fat not just calories. Short intense cardio burns fat, increases your heart rate which in turn increases the blood circulation throughout your body. Healthy for your heart and also increases your lung capacity and the risk of heart-related diseases.

You are going to have to choose the appropriate cardio routine that is effective and suits your body. Any exercise that kick starts your heart is good for you. There are a number of cardio exercises you can do, like jump rope, burpees, jumping jacks etc you can find videos for them online. You can do a variety of cardio exercises to keep the workout interesting.

2. Diet‐Intermittent fasting

So what is intermittent fasting? It is basically fasting for a few hours in a day. There are several methods of intermittent fasting and you can follow any method that suits you. I will illustrate one example of daily fasting. So daily fasting is known as 8/16, that is you eat in the span of 8 hours and fast for 16 hours. You can do this every day or alternate days. During your eating period, you need to eat as much as possible so that you don’t starve in the fasting period. But whatever you eat it should be healthy. The effects of intermittent fasting are positive and research also says that it is a good way to lose fat and gain lean muscle.

3. Using fat burners

A lot of supplements get a bad rep because of lack of knowledge of early goers but fat burners are basic supplements that increase the breakdown process of fat. They increase the metabolism of fat burning. These are effective in weight loss when used properly. Using fat burners at early stages help you focus better and gives you more energy during the day and workouts. It is hard to recommend which will work the best for you, but checkout the top 5 fat burners at BroScience.

4. Don’t forget about your protein

Exercise is good, but your muscles take a tremendous amount of stress giving you the energy and strength to workout. So in order to reduce the strain and provide them with energy and the necessary amino acids for recovery of any lost protein you should add protein-rich food in your diet-chicken, eggs, pulses, beef, broccoli, fish are great sources of protein. With the modern lifestyle, it’s hard to prepare all that food and that is where a whey protein can give you that extra boost.

5. Weight training

While running on the treadmill is a good exercise to warm up, but you have to focus more on any form of resistance training. It helps build strength and weight training combined with good nutrition and sleep helps boost testosterone which is an essential hormone in aiding muscle building and fat loss.