The whey protein is basically the remnants in the liquid part of the milk when it is curdled to make cheese. Milk contains two types of protein one is casein and the other one is whey. The whey protein helps in the uptake of essential amino acids which our body needs. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of protein synthesis. Taking whey protein as a supplement is a great way to increase your protein intake. Whey is specifically important for gym goers and fitness enthusiasts looking to build their lean muscle mass. Now let us take a look some of the best whey protein supplements in the market. 

ON (Optimum Nutrition) Whey Gold Standard 

This whey protein supplement provides you with 24g of protein per serving. On whey gold
- whey protein is one of the best whey protein supplements in India because it boosts the intake of branched chain amino acids which are essential for the synthesis of protein. On whey gold increases the anabolic hormones that stimulate the muscle growth. It also contains leucine that promotes muscle growth at the cellular level. On whey gold whey protein gets absorbed very quickly as compared to the other proteins. On whey gold is satiating and boosts your energy. whey protein is particularly effective in stimulating growth in humans. On whey gold will increase your lean muscle mass and strength. 

Kevin Levrone Supreme Whey 

Levro whey supreme is a high quality and a really delicious whey protein supplement. It is one of the best protein powders available in the market in terms of high-quality whey protein concentrate. Kevin levrone supreme whey has been designed for people who want to push their limits whether in the gym or on the trackEvery 30g portion will give you up to 23g of protein. Each portion will deliver branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and L-glutamine. This supplement is really helpful especially in strength and endurance training. This protein supplement is developed by none other than the legendary athlete Kevin Levrone.


It is also one of the best whey protein supplements available in the market because it is a multi-functional whey protein powder. It contains four types of protein to delay digestion therefore, it makes you feel satiated for long hours. It also contains enzymes that enhance digestion and absorption in your body. It is known to contain glycerol monostearate for muscle tissue saturation. Every serving of BPI HD will provide you with 25g of protein. BPI whey HD does not contain any artificial chemicals or fillers. It has been specially designed for the recovery of muscles after an intense workout.  

MP Combat Whey

Combat whey consists of both whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. this supplement is specifically designed for athletes who want a high-quality multiple protein source. It’s got good macros and is low in calories making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts. Combat protein is 100% gluten free and contains no artificial dyes or flavours. It contains a small amount of soy lecithin to improve the solubility of the protein. Each serving of the protein powder will supply you with 25g of protein. This whey protein is sourced from both whey protein concentrates and whey protein isolate. 

Impact Whey Protein

It is one of the best protein powders in the market because it contains premium quality whey protein concentrate which is 80% protein. One scoop of this supplement will give you 21g of protein. It is high in protein low in carbohydrates. Therefore, it is the best protein supplement for weight loss. It promotes protein synthesis; aids fat burning and suppresses the appetite keeping you sated for long hours. It is also known to improve the insulin sensitivity which is an anabolic hormone.