Now-a-days, the number of fake products in market is increasing very rapidly. In fact, they have outnumbered the original products. They look just like the original products and it is not easy to differentiate between the fake and the genuine body building supplements. These fake products are not only a total waste of money but they are very harmful for the health as well. Hence, availability of these fake products has become a major concern for everyone because they put our health at risk. We suggest that you buy genuine body building supplements. In this article, we will discuss in detail about how to differentiate fake supplements from genuine ones and where one can buy genuine supplements in Delhi. You can also buy genuine supplements in Delhi at the online stores from trusted websites.

Supplements in Delhi

Read and follow the following instruction to check for fake and genuine body building supplements:

  1. Examine the seal properly

This should be the first step when you buy a product. If there is no seal at all, then it is certainly a fake product! and if the seal is present then on closely observing, the difference between fake and original product can be made out easily.

  • There is a seal on the inner side of the lid. The duplicate seals are made of ordinary carton, loosely fitted and they don’t have a good quality. On the other hand, the original ones are usually having a honeycomb like appearance and they are firmly attached to the lid. Therefore, the lid should be examined carefully.
  • The original products have seals with proper edges and they are uniformly attached unlike the fake ones which are attached without proper cut at the edges.
  • Generally, the name of the brand is endorsed on the seal. So if the seal is plain and of low quality then there are chances that the product is not a genuine body building supplement.
  1. Logo / Hologram


When buying a product, one must be aware of the logo of the product. The details of the logo and hologram can be checked from the official website of the brand. Most of the big and popular brands have a hologram mark and it is difficult to forge that hologram.

  1. MRP Sticker


This is another easy method to find out whether the product is genuine or not. Check the MRP Sticker on the product, in fake products there is usually another sticker that is pasted for the MRP. There is a difference between sticker on the genuine products and the fake ones.


  1. Verification of LOT No

The LOT number gives the surety about originality of a product. Many companies provide online method to check and validate the LOT number of their products and many others provide the service through the customer care service where the LOT no. can be confirmed by just a call. All the fake products will have invalid LOT No. Hence, a LOT number can be used to verify genuine body building supplements.


  1. Quality of the container


Fake products usually come in bad quality container. So, it is not hard to differentiate between the original and forged product.


  1. Graphics and Label clarity

The graphics and text on the label of the fake products are not clearly visible.

  1. Supplement smell, taste, colour and structure


For a regular user of these body building supplements, it is not difficult to tell the fake ones from the original products. They can find the difference by tasting or smelling or just by colour and texture of it.  Although, the company may also introduce some changes in the products. Therefore, it is always good to keep in touch with the item and its updates from the company from the company’s official channel like website or customer care.


  1. QR Code / Bar Code


Along with the price and nutritional facts, label on the container of the product also features QR code or Bar code and it can be scanned by using a mobile phone. This QR code or Bar code generally points to a URL that gives complete information about the product making it extremely easy to differentiate between the fake and genuine body building supplements.


All the above-mentioned methods are very useful to detect fake supplements from the originals. So next time when you buy any health and body building supplement, be cautious and buy only genuine body building supplements. Forged products have serious side effects. Always buy genuine supplements in Delhi from trusted and reputed companies like Sports Nutrition Xpress. SNX is the supplier of genuine supplements in Delhi. The products are available on SNX online store. Get the best product now and stay safe.  

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