Fat burners and weight loss supplements work based on particular mechanisms. They reduce your appetite, reduce absorption, and increase fat burning. But fat burners as the name suggests does not make the fat fall off your body like a magic trick. They have specific mechanisms that aid you while you are working out. These fat burners are known to increase the fat metabolism, they reduce fat absorption, increase weight loss, and they enhance fat burning during your workout. They also regulate the hormones secreted by thyroid. Thyroid is responsible for your metabolism. They also regulate the hormone cortisol- which is a stress hormone that slows metabolism which forces your body to store fat. The fat burners reduce this effect of cortisol. Fat burner supplements usually contain natural thermogenic ingredients that facilitate fat burning. The general ingredients found in fat burners are caffeine, green coffee extract, green tea, capsaicin etc. To name a few. When the body burns calories for energy it produces heat, so these supplements are called thermogenic because they enhance metabolism by producing heat. The best fat burner supplements usually contain a combination of different thermogenic ingredients for effective fat burning. Let us take a look at some of the most common ingredients found in the best fat burner supplements available in the market:

  1. Green tea: contains epigallocatechin gallate known as EECG in short. This is a strong antioxidant known to enhance metabolism and reduce fat retention. It also contains caffeine, which is known to increase the secretion of adrenaline into the bloodstream. Adrenaline increases you heart beat and metabolism to provide more energy to the body. Hence, they help in reducing fat. 


  1. Caffeine: is the main ingredient in most fat burners. Caffeine can be found in many different plants like coffee, cocoa beans, tea, guarana etc. This helps your body in using the fat cells as fuels for energy. It increases the breakdown of fatty acids. 


  1. CLA: which stands for Conjugated linoleic acid is a component of omega 6 fatty acid. It is an essential fatty acid. Essential fatty acids are very important for the body. It is known to boost metabolism and aid in the elimination of harmful toxins from the body maintaining an overall good health.


  1. Capsaicin: is the component that is found in chilies. The heat that we feel when we consume chili is because of the capsaicin component present in them. It stimulates the increase of adrenaline in your blood which in turn increases metabolism of the body. It is also known to suppress appetite.


  1. Yohimbine: is an extract that is derived from the bark of an African evergreen tree. It is an active ingredient in the yohimbe bark. They are known block certain receptors in the fat cells which allows them to increase weight loss. 

The breakdown of fats occurs through the process of lipolysis. It is basically breakdown of lipids like triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. 

Side effects caused by fat burners

  • Anxiety: fat burners can increase anxiety by increase the levels of stress hormone in your body.

  • Insomnia: due to the presence of caffeine in potent content it can induce insomnia making it very hard for you to fall asleep. Insomnia affects your immune system, it can cause extreme fatigue and elevate blood pressure. 

  • Dehydration: fat burners increase metabolism by increasing the production of heat. In summers this can lead to dehydration leading to headaches and problems that come along with dehydration.

  • Fat burners can also cause allergies. You could allergic to a particular ingredient therefore you should be very cautious before taking a fat burner supplement. 

  • Because fat burners are known to increase the heart rate there is a possibility of heart risks. 

  • Fat burners can also cause stomach problems like diarrhea or constipation because the pills affect metabolism.

  • Some fat burners may cause liver damage. 

  • You can also risk overeating. Boosting metabolism sometimes increases your appetite therefore you may end up overeating and nullifying the effect of the fat burner.

  • Fat burners are also known to have some psychological effects. 

Fat burner supplement for men tend to have a stronger dose of caffeine and other ingredients because physically they require more energy to work out and test their endurance. Some of the Best fat burner supplements are available in India. Always make an informed choice before choosing a fat burner. If you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients present in a fat burner then you should consult a physician before taking any fat burner supplement.