Buy syntha 6 India it is one of the best tasting protein in the market. BSN stands for bio-engineered supplement and nutrition. Syntha 6 is the ultra premium protein which is a blend of both milk protein and whey protein in blend of 50-50. This protein powder boosts muscle recovery. It is a great supplement to boost your exercise and protein levels in general. It increases all the anabolic hormones that promote muscle growth. It also consists of high levels of leucine that promotes quick absorption of protein as compared to other proteins. Protein in general requires a lot of energy to digest it in other terms it requires a lot of calories to digest protein which will aid you in weight loss.

Since it is packed with essential amino acids it is very helpful in gaining lean muscle mass. It also contains a higher amount of fat and fiber as compared to others which will keep you satiated for longer periods reducing the hunger pangs.  Buy BSN syntha 6 as it will promote faster recovery and will allow you to perform better. Syntha 6 can also be used as a meal replacement and used as a conventional weight loss strategy. But if you replace it for a meal you will have to take vitamin supplements along with it as it is a very effective source of protein but not vitamins. It is better to take the supplement after the workout as it will help with the recovery post workout.

You can add a scoop of syntha 6 to 5 oz. of water/juice/milk whatever your preference. Mix it with a spoon, in a shaker or a blender it s totally up to you. Although water makes it the best liquid to mix this protein with as it has zero calories but you can mix the protein power with milk which will provide you with higher protein, calcium, vitamin D etc. an alternate for vegetarians is soy milk, then you have almond milk which is packed with vitamin E. buy syntha 6 India it is the ultimate premium protein powder. Buy BSN syntha 6 because it is one of the best bio-engineered supplement and nutrition protein powder in the market! Also attempting to lose weight by just replacing meals with protein shake might help you lose some weight but it will not be the same as losing weight with workout + protein shakes.  

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