“Whether Sugar is good for bodybuilders or not?” This has been a controversial topic since ages. We all know that sugar can increase the weight but can it have some good impact as well? Let’s find out through this article.

Sugar is present in mostly every kind of food. From fast food to shakes and candies, sugar is in almost everything we eat. Sugar is considered to be one of the main reasons for fat storage because of the fact that it is basically a carbohydrate and it digests very quickly causing a sharp rise in blood sugar level. Hence, excess level of sugar in the bloodstream is considered to be unhealthy. Let alone the bodybuilders, too much sugar is not good for anyone. Increased level of sugar can cause obesity, insulin insensitivity, diabetes, tooth decay etc.

We have frequently come across the fact that sugar causes fat storage in the body. Let us see how this happens. As we already know now that sugar digests very quickly which results in increment of blood sugar levels. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, the body responds to the sudden rise of sugar level in your body by releasing a hormone called insulin. It pumps your muscles with excess sugar and stores it as fat. This is obviously a bad thing to happen for bodybuilders because fat would be the last thing they would want to keep. But hey, wait! We have not reached the conclusion yet.

There are pros and cons to everything. Now that we know the cons of taking sugar, let us go through some pros as well.


When the muscles are tired post a workout session and energy levels are low, your body is actually in a catabolic state. Your body is in a state of breaking fat, it needs energy and you have used up all your energy during the workout. So how does it get that energy? The answer lies in the above paragraph which says that taking sugar leads to increased blood sugar levels which leads to insulin generation which pumps the excess sugar into muscles where it will be used up completely, and no extra sugar to store as fat!

Other than taking Simple Sugar (Dextrose) in your post workout sessions, you can also take benefit of the increased insulin levels in your body after you wake up. Yes, the time after waking up in the morning is also beneficial for bodybuilders. Let us discover why?

It is always recommended to take a sleep of at least 8 hours and considering the fact that you are following that we can conclude that your body has been without food for at least 8 hours while you were asleep. Sleep is the best time for someone’s body to work silently and do the repair work for us. So, the body needs more energy now. Hence, the after waking-up morning time could actually be a great time for an insulin spike and pump the energy into muscles and revive your system.

For bodybuilders who use creatine, taking Simple Sugar is a good option. The increased levels of insulin will help carry the creatine more effectively to the muscles.

Hence, we can conclude from the above information that it is not bad to take sugar for bodybuilders and a hike in insulin levels can be actually beneficial. So, you don’t need to cut out your sugar intake completely. Taking sugar here does not mean eating bars of chocolates or something like that. Always keep in mind that healthy sources are always better. The best way to do this is to eating some bananas or adding honey to your shake and drinking it post workout will be very beneficial to your body.