We all know bodybuilding needs hard work at gym and a good diet but along with the good diet it also requires the determination to stay away from the delicious looking food. Chocolate is one such thing which makes it hard to maintain a diet. No matter how hard you try, you will end up finding your mouth full of delicious chocolates. Chocolate temptations are hard to resist.


Meet anyone who wants to stay fit and ask them if they are allowed to eat chocolate. Everybody would deny with a sad face. Be it someone on a diet or someone who is following a strict training program paired with the bodybuilding diet, everyone is afraid of chocolate. Milk chocolates are high in sugar and calories which play a major role in increasing weight. So, chocolate can definitely help one gain some pounds. Moreover, it’s quite addictive.

What if we tell you that you can stay fit and eat chocolate side by side. Surprised?

Well, this is true. Dark chocolate is the answer to your every question.


Dark chocolate contains a naturally occurring substance present in cacao beans called epicatechin. Epicatechin helps in muscle growth by inhibiting a protein found in muscles known as myostatin. Now there is a research which claims that epicatechin actually increases the levels of a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone lowers the appetite. Thus, a tiny bit of dark chocolate at night may prevent the munchies.

Epicatechin also plays a role in increasing blood flow thus, making it easy to nutrients for muscle growth. Also, increased levels of nitric oxide improve blood pressure levels and reduces stress.

Dark chocolate is rich in iron, fibre, magnesium, manganese, copper and a few other minerals

During workout, as you burn fat, free radicals are produced in your body which are countered by the antioxidants present in dark chocolate. It also reduces inflammation because of the presence of flavonoid.


As they say “excess of everything is bad”. The phrase is totally true and applicable at everything. Since we now know that eating dark chocolate is actually good for bodybuilders but always be selective and restrained.  Always go for chocolates with at least 70% cacao and stay away from milk chocolates because they only contain sugar and calories. The more bitter, the better. If you really like chocolate, you would get used to it very easily. So, from now on, enjoy your chocolate because chocolate is good for you.