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  • Dark Chocolate Benefit for Workout | Sports Nutrition Xpress

    The main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa (we all know that). It is packed with anti-oxidants called flavonoids. It is known that that dark chocolate reduces the risk factors of heart disease, improves cognitive function, and lowers cholesterol levels. 


    Mar 14 2019
  • Taking Protein Shake Pre vs Post Workout

    It is a big question for everyone who trains at the gym, whether you should take the protein shake before or after working out. Protein is important for growth and repair of muscles in our body.


    Mar 5 2019
  • Buy Fat Burner Supplement for Weight Loss

    Fat burners and weight loss supplements work based on particular mechanisms. They reduce your appetite, reduce absorption, and increase fat burning. But fat burners as the name suggests does not make the fat fall off your body like a magic trick. 


    Feb 25 2019
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