We all experience stress on a regular basis. Although the intensity of stress may vary situation to situation. But when stress gets too intense where you are not able to handle it then it could cause damage to your health. It is very important to have stress busters and for a good health and inner peace. Finding stress relievers can be challenging because stress relievers vary person to person. You can always try a number of things to find out what relieves your stress. While most people recommend meditation, which is highly effective but when the thoughts are racing through your mind like a roller coaster it is impossible to be calm and meditate. But don’t worry here are a few stress relievers that might help you calm your mind and body bring about a sense of peace.

  1. Do the things you enjoy

Sometimes you can be stressed because you overwork yourself and have no time left for yourself. You need to make time for yourself. Do the stuff that you enjoy doing like reading a book, going to the movies, hanging out with friends, binge watching tv series have some fun and savor life for all that it is.

  1. Write a journal

Journaling is basically maintaining a diary that explores your thoughts and feelings about everything that is going on your life. Journaling is very effective in stress management and self exploration. It’s usually better to do it regularly but sporadic or occasional journaling also relieves stress. One of the best ways to reduce stress is to write down what you are feeling and your thoughts about any stressful event that has occurred in your life. This will help you clarify thoughts and feelings and you will gain some valuable knowledge and perspective by doing so.

  1. Meditation

It is an age old practice that can be a quick fix to help you reverse your body’s stress response and help you relax physically. It is a technique that can help you get your center back when you are emotionally thrown off. By teaching yourself to calm your mind and body you can train yourself to melt away the emotional stress. You will feel refreshed and ready to face the challenges that life is throwing at you.

  1. Breathing exercise

Breathing exercises provide you instant relief. They are convenient and simple and can be done at anytime and anywhere and they also work quickly. When you take control of breathing and feel in control of one thing you automatically feel better immensely. 

  1. Laugh more

Laughter can help relieve pain and even increase immunity. Laughter reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body and it increases the levels of endorphins. Laughter provides physical and emotional release. It shifts your focus away from anger, guilt, stress and other negative emotions. Also, laughter helps you connect with others. We know laughter is contagious therefore when you bring laughter in your life you might actually be helping others too. You can elevate the moods of people around you and improve the quality of social interaction which will only help in reducing more stress.

  1. Exercise more- hit the gym

Exercise can help you manage your stress. Exercise can act as a buffer against the negative effects of emotional experiences. So when you exercise you reduce the overall anxiety that you are feeling. This will help you handle emotional events in the long term because you will be able to control your anxiety. Exercise coaxes your body in producing more endorphins and improves mood. This will help alleviate stress and strain. 

  1. Take a nap

Sometimes the cause of stress could be lack of sleep. Sleep is cumulative- if you don’t sleep a day you will feel it on the next day. Your body starts to build a sleep deficit. When you are tired from lack of sleep you tend to become moodier and more irritable. It is very important to get a good night’s sleep and to be well rested to function properly. Studies also show that taking a power nap can also help in catching up on the sleep. Try to avoid caffeine after 3pm. It is a stimulant that can disrupt your sleep.

  1. Play with your pet

If you don’t have a pet then play with someone else’s pet. Pets provide social support; they relieve stress and they enhance your mood. Pets are there for you in ways people can’t. They offer love and companionship unconditionally. They could be the best antidote for loneliness. It is virtually impossible to stay in a bad mood when you have a pair of puppy dog eyes staring at you. Pets also help in lowering blood pressure! Now keeping pets is not for everyone but you can always visit a friend or family who own a dog or a cat.

  1. Strive for excellence not perfection

Perfectionists as we know always set unrealistic and highly demanding goals. It is great to have goals but one should not have unrealistic expectations of yourself because this only leads to a feeling of worthlessness because you can’t fulfill those goals. Perfectionists are under constant stress which usually leads to psychological pain and hopelessness. You can always break this cycle, always strive for excellence and not perfection. Always try to stay calm and collected in strenuous situations. 

  1. Take a mini vacation

A mini vacation is just the thing you need. Long vacation tends to be a drag sometimes but short sweet ones are the best. They are enjoyable and relaxing. It will help you get your mind of things and a change from your daily routine really gives you some perspective. Vacation seems like the right thing to do things you have always wanted to do and explore yourself. Travel experience always teach you something about yourself. It is a great stress buster where you learn a lot about yourself, make memories and new experiences! What a great way to relieve stress!