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Serving Size229 g( ~5 Scoops)
Servings Per Container~20
Calories from Fat99
Total Fat11 g
Saturated Fat3 g
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol3 mg
Total Carbohydrate156 g
Dietary Fiber6 g
Sugars76 g
Protein38 g
Vitamin A4750IU
Vitamin C60mg
Vitamin D380IU
Vitamin E30U
Vitamin B61.9mg
Folic Acid380mcg
Vitamin B125.7mcg
Calcium1000 mg
Phosphorus1000 mg
Sodium910 mg
Anabolic Gaining Agents2000 mg
Metabolic Optimizers & Performance Factors750 mg
Lipotropics & Engogenics900 mg
Gain Fast Specialized
Amino Acid Complex
38,000 mg

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  • Helps Provide You with Energy and Sufficient Calories to Help You Gain Weight and Lean Muscles*
  • Comes Packed with 38g of Proteins and 156g of Carbohydrates*
  • Comes Enhanced with Muscle Boosters, Performance Factors, Natural Plant Sterols, EFAs, Digestive Enzymes and Muscle Optimizers*

Additional Information

BrandUniversal Nutrition
Recommended ForBuild Muscle
Key IngredientsMass Gainer, Weight Gainer
Product OverviewNo


  • KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Always consult with a professional healthcare practitioner/qualified physician before taking this product if you are pregnant or a lactating mother, under 18 years of age and/or undergoing a treatment for any known medical condition.
  • Diabetics and Hypoglycemics should only use under the advice of a qualified, licensed physician or dietician.
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease*.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from light.
  • Product's MRP, Labelling and Packaging may vary from Time to Time Without Prior Notice.
  • *Terms and Conditions Apply.

Protein Intake Guide


Protein is very important. Our health suffers when we take insufficient amount of protein. However, when the question of how much amount of protein should be taken, there are vastly different opinions about it. The protein needs vary from person to person. The factors determining the intake amount of protein are age, weight, gender, medical conditions and the physical efforts. If you want to determine how may calories you need on a daily basis, the first thing to do is to determine your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and then apply the Harris-Benedict Principle.

Step 1- Calculating BMR:

GenderFormula for calculating BMR
MenBMR=66.4730 + (13.7516 x weight in kg) + (5.0033 x height in cm) – (6.7550 x age in years)
WomenBMR = 655.0955 + (9.5634 x weight in kg) + (1.8496 x height in cm) – (4.6756 x age in years)

Step 2- Applying the Harris-Benedict Principle:

Use the following table based on your exercise routine to calculate amount of your daily calorie intake to maintain right amount of weight:

Exercise RoutineDaily Calorie Requirement
Little to no exerciseBMRx1.2
Light exercise (1-3 days per week)BMRx1.375
Moderate exercise (4-5 days per week)BMRx1.55
Heavy exercise (6-7 days per week)BMRx1.725
Very heavy exercise (twice per day, extra heavy workouts)BMRx1.9


The best time to consume Whey protein is immediately after workout especially in the morning. For people who exercise on a regular basis, it is best for them to consume Whey protein shake immediately after the workout. According to a report published by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the minimum amount of protein that should be consumed following a workout is 15g.

After exercise your body is highly sensitive to insulin and transports proteins and carbohydrates into muscle cells instead of fat cells. The amino acids are synergistic with anabolic effects of insulin. Because whey protein is fast acting and it gets digested very quickly, it is ideal to consume following workout.


The Whey protein should be stored in a dry and cool place. Under high temperature, the natural qualities of Whey protein get altered and if consumed, it can cause some allergies.


It is always recommended to take Whey protein on expert advice or doctor’s suggestion. Read the label of the product carefully before consumption. You may be allergic to certain type of protein, so it is important to understand the sensitivity of your body.

There are three different types of Whey protein: isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate. They differ on the basis of their particle size and amount of protein by volume. They can have the following negative health effects:

  • Whey protein can affect the immune system very badly especially those who have allergy to milk protein. When it enters the blood stream, immune system is attacked. Symptoms may be running nose and/or mucus in the lungs, rashes.
  • We know that whey protein comes from milk, and there are a lot of people who cannot drink milk because they have lactose intolerance. Whey protein usually contains more than 50% lactose. Allergy can cause cramping, bloating, nausea, flatulence, and even diarrhoea in some cases.
  • Unbalanced diet combined with higher intake of Whey protein can Weaken bones. As large amount of protein intake cause increase in acid production inside the body. As a result, calcium is released from bone as a buffer for the increased quantity of acid. Thus, loss of calcium and weak bones.
  • Probability of kidney damage. Although, no research supports the idea of kidney damage. However, some researchers still warn against excessive protein intake (>2g/kg of body weight per day).
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) or type 1 diabetes, is an autoimmune disorder in which protein producing cells of pancreas are destroyed by the body. BSA (bovine serum albumin) is thought to be a possible trigger for IDDM. However, the exact role of BSA in IDDM is unclear as some studies favour an increment in levels of anti-BSA antibodies in sera from children developing IDDM and some declined the same.

All the above-mentioned side effects can generally be lightened by monitoring total protein consumption and keeping track of all allergies.

Customer Reviews


taste great

Great after exercise or like hour before. Easy to digest.

Jatin Ahluwalia

overall gud product

product is nice.. little problem with outer packing but product was safe

Rahul Yadav

Gain Fast 3100 is really a gud weight gainer

Gain Fast 3100 is really a gud mass gainer which increased my weight more then 15 kg. Price is little high but produt is really showing result

Ankit Sharma

Gain Fast 3100 is really effective for Mass Gain

Gain Fast 3100 is really great for mass gain, it started showing result in 15 to 20 days but only thing to keep in mind is that we should have to do proper workout with it... Quality of gain fast is also good

Rahul sharma


A little bit effect shows in my body.....but if we take regularly( I mean for 2 /3 mnths) then iit will defiinetly gives better result

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